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Hephaistos server installation

To run Hephaistos you need Java 1.5 or higher installed on your server. You can download the newest version from here.

The Hephaistos server is contained in file in our distribution file.

Simply unzip this file to appropriate directory. You will get this structure:

		client		- directory contains client *.launch files
		launch		- directory contains server *.launch files
		lib		- directory contains *.jar files
		server.bat	- batch file for start server on Windows	- batch file for start server on Linux
		server.config	- server configuration file

You don't need to run any installation program.

Server configuration

All server configuration is concentrated to file server.config. It is the java properties file, where each parameter is set as


There are some explanations to each property in this file. Generally, you have to set these properties:

  • database - full path to database file, see below
  • log - full path to directory where you can store server log

Hephaistos uses its own object oriented database, and its setup is very easy. All you need is to set a name of the (future) database file. If this file does not exist, the server creates one when started.

Server running

You can start the Hephaistos server with one of the batch files stored in its root directory. It prints to console information about port and database it uses, and also autoupdate information, if autoupdate is enabled in configuration file.

An autoupdate is running in background thread and has no impact on the other work. Server checks the site for the Hephaistos last release and if it find newer than its own, it downloads all necessary files. When new release downloaded, server notifies all clients about it, so the user can see information about new version and invitation to restart server.

How to stop the server

Currently there is no administration tool to manage Hephaistos server. So the only way to stop this server is kill the system process (e.g. CTRL-C in window where is running on MS Windows).


Don't forget to backup your database file in regular intervals. The only one way to restore damaged database is to replace database file by one from the backup.